• West Australia WA all maps gold locations prospecting detecting fossicking USB

West Australia Maps Welcome to my package. When looking for maps see my full range by going to My Store on Top right corner under seller details and check out all available maps before purchasing so you can get the best value for your needs. http://www..com.au/str/rushabloodsshop In this package you will find some information on gold in Western Australia. Maps have gold bearing areas clearly marked putting you right on the spot without all the hassle of research. (Although research will still help you immensely but at least you can research the right areas from word go. You will find a selection of Topographic maps on Southern West Australia in 1 to 250000. All the maps created are freely available on the internet and as such I am not selling maps. The fee I charge merely covers the time I spend putting the packages together for your use. I have also filled in areas were gold mines are known to exist. Any Map with a letters AU after it has marked gold areas. Not all maps have gold areas. I have not marked all maps but any I have will have the letters AU after the map name if it has known gold bearing locations. The rest of the maps are just part of the package and are very useful for travel or other uses. REMEMBER ANY PART OF A STATE PACKAGE IS A PORTION OF THE MAIN STATE MAP PACKAGE. IF YOU BUY THE MAIN STATE MAP PACKAGE YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY REGIONAL PACKAGES AS YOU WILL GET ALL THOSE MAPS ANYWAY. These maps are easily downloaded onto your system and printed or viewed electronically giving you a starting point to begin your searches. Once you use these maps you will find it amazingly easy to find areas to look for gold (or whatever other activities you wish to use these maps for).  Remember to use your zoom and if you wish to print part of the maps at a zoomed in area you can use a snippet tool or simply zoom in and use the print current view section of your printing controls I have added areas where gold has been recorded as being found and were mines are located and whilst this is not every area it is a comprehensive map that will take you more than one lifetime to explore. The collection of maps shows a lot of features at quite a small scale and will allow you to find hundreds of areas to access throughout the gold areas. When using the maps you will find contour lines which allow you to locate gullies and creeks and hills etc. Creeks are blue, roads and tracks are grey lines (not all roads and tracks are marked). Gold locations are marked in yellow or black and are approximate in nature although easily narrowed down to only a few hundred meters thereby allowing you to begin your search in the correct areas These maps offer great 4WD tracks and camping as well so these maps can be used for many purposes. With these maps you have a full and comprehensive range of topographic maps allowing you to go virtually anywhere. Print the maps out or take and explore online. Download to your laptop etc or whatever takes your fancy. This package will allow you to start at a great spot without wasting time searching for areas. A 4WD is not totally necessary but is certainly an advantage and just remember to take all safety precautions as many areas are remote and getting lost in any of these areas is quite easily done Remember to follow Fossicking and other rules re access etc. The maps don’t give you permission to just go anywhere. If you like this check out my other products on . There is a huge selection of maps that will put you right on the areas were gold can be found as well as other information http://www..com.au/str/rushabloodsshop Great hunting!

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West Australia WA all maps gold locations prospecting detecting fossicking USB

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